The world is full of products that need to be exported/imported. Many countries have tones of products and they are looking for partners to trade with. Many farmers are in the villages and are not able to sell their products for the right value because they are not opened to the world.
BAYAM-AGRI is the one-stop-platform that connects the African farmers from all agricultural sectors, producers, carriers and consumers to the rest of the world.
From the seeds to the planting process, farmers have the opportunity to showcase their freshly harvested goods on our platform.
A direct connection is created between the farmers and the final consumers through our platform only with a click.

BAYAM-AGRI also help with the Transportation which is one of the major difficulties that some buyers and dropshippers have when purchasing goods online.
BAYAM-AGRI does all the work for you connecting the customers directly with the verified freight companies around the world. Carriers also get a good connection to serve globally. Their presence on our platform helps create a win-win partnership.
Manufacturers find the best opportunity to get farmers and obtain the freshly harvested goods that they then transform and sell to the final consumers who shop on our platform.
The final consumers have the opportunity to connect with both the farmers and the manufacturers for organic and freshly harvested goods.
Overall, we bring a smile to all by covering the whole supply chain.

BAYAM-AGRI, We Got You Covered!!

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  • HUILE DE SESAME (petite & moyenne bouteuille)

    Sold By: BAYAM


    • Antioxydant; Nourrissant; Apaisante cutané
    • Protège la peau contre les rayons solaires
    • Prévient les maladies cardiovasculaires
    • Réduit et nettoie le sang du mauvais cholestérol LDL
    • Renforce et stimule le système immunitaire
    • Fortifiant hépatite et biliaire
    • Stabilise le diabète
    • Facilite la digestion
    • Soulage des douleurs articulaires et rhumatisimales
    • Soutien contre la fatigue physique et nerveuse
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  • Taro Root

    Sold By: AfriMart
    • Tropical Taro Root or Colocasia esculenta is a tropical plant grown primarily for its edible corms, a root vegetable most commonly known as taro. It is an excellent source of dietary fiber and good carbohydrates.
    Sold By: AfriMart

    Taro Root

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