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Multi Vendor African Online Mall

Online marketplaces are a necessity if you want to grow your ecommerce business. Simply by listing on BayamShoppingMall – Multivendor Ecommerce Marketplace Africa, online vendors have seen up to 125% increase in their sales.

In 2017, e-commerce marketplaces sold 51.4 billion dollars worth of Gross Merchandise Value (GMV).

66 percent of MENA (the Middle East and North Africa) customers use the internet to look for items, and 33 percent buy products online.

There is a sizable population in African nations that wish to buy western merchandise, but security and logistical issues have made this extremely difficult for so many years because there was not any Multi Vendor African Online Mall.

People could not buy straight from the United States or Europe until recently. BayamShoppingMall is a Multi Vendor African Online Mall that allows African individuals to purchase directly from international e-commerce websites. Only in several days, these things are sent to the customers’ doorsteps or to one of the nearby pick-up locations.

Come visit us or ask your queries at (+1) 613 888 8757!

BayamShoppingMall For Customers

Increasingly online businesses are now becoming well-known, with a trustworthy and user-friendly online marketplace for Africa. The e-business concept is used to sell millions of items throughout the globe. At BayamShoppingMall, we offer a number of advantages for our customers.

Multi Vendor African Online Mall
multivendor ecommerce marketplace Africa
Marketplace for Africa

Easier Shopping

It’s relatively easier to find products through the multivendor ecommerce marketplace Africa than it is to search your local store for the correct product or size. You may shop online and have your items delivered to a suitable pick up location (Click and Collect) or a Collect in Store counter.

Less Expensive Products

Some things are significantly less expensive online at Multi Vendor African Online Mall rather than in offline markets. BayamShoppingMall offers an exclusive shopping niche to our customers. Before you go shopping, you may explore items online on our digital marketplace for Africa and compare costs in a variety of ways.

Saves Time And Effort

You don’t need to waste too much time standing in a queue and combing the aisles during peak shopping hours just to discover that the item you sought already is sold out. This difficulty may be simply solved by placing an order online on BayamShoppingMall, a Multi Vendor African Online Mall, and having your things delivered to the most convenient location for you.

Optional freedom

When you purchase online from Multi Vendor African Online Mall, you have a considerably larger selection of products to choose from. In comparison to what you’ll discover in stores, a similar product will be available at BayamShoppingMall in a far wider range of sizes and colors.

Give us a call right now at (+1) 613 888 8757

BayamShoppingMall For Sellers

For reaching a large number of customers, you’ll need to use BayamShoppingMall – a multivendor ecommerce marketplace Africa. We offer comprehensive delivery systems for service delivery enabling brands to create profiles in order to reach a wider audience and better customer experience on our online marketplace for Africa.

Multi Vendor African Online Mall
multivendor ecommerce marketplace Africa
Marketplace for Africa
Vendors can start selling on BayamShoppingMall – an online marketplace for Africa, without having to spend on website or application development, which is very significant for startups and small businesses. As a result, compared to alternative possibilities, the costs of starting a firm are significantly cheaper at BayamShoppingMall.

BayamShoppingMall – a Multi Vendor African Online Mall platform allows you to do the following:

  • To distribute items and services, employ a simple channel.
  • Reach out to more people, boosting your chances of receiving a larger number of orders and growing your sales.
  • Slash marketing and operational costs
  • Begin providing services right away.
  • Gain access to a new source of revenue

We Are The Best Multivendor eCommerce Marketplace Africa. Contact BayamShoppingMall Now!

We at BayamShoppingMall bring vendors and consumers together in one diversified Multi Vendor African Online Mall. We’re reaching this aim by highly rewarding each platform user as a member of our internal community, rather than as a visitor..

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